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Adobe Acrobat Pro X / CS6 will not run – how to repair

fix_logoAfter about a year of running fine, my copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro X (part of the CS6 package) suddenly stopped working. It would not start. If I clicked on the icon in the start menu nothing would happen. I didn’t need the program right when the problem first arose, but after a week I needed it fixed so I did a search and found the solution at The solution is very simple, and I have summarized it below. Continue reading Adobe Acrobat Pro X / CS6 will not run – how to repair

3D Flash – moving vs. redrawing

In the past (several years ago) I started tinkering around with making 3D type effects in Flash, and then started actually using 3D calculations to move or draw objects on the Flash canvas.

Old Methodology – Easier
The first way that I tried to make 3D effects in Flash was relatively easy. However, they were kind of “fake” 3D since they didn’t recalculate and redraw every object on every frame. Instead, the objects were previously made, and the position simply changed. Here are examples that I made long ago: Continue reading 3D Flash – moving vs. redrawing