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How to track Facebook likes/unlikes in Google Analytics

It is nice to be able to track various statistics for your website using Google Analytics. It really helps you understand what pages web traffic tend to visit, how they get there, etc. Another nicety is to track social media responses (e.g., Facebook like button clicks) to your pages. You technically can track Facebook like button clicks using the the Facebook Insights tool (, but it really is very limited and I have found it to be buggy. I prefer to use Google Analytics to track these social media responses because you much more easily see what pages received the responses, how many responses, and correlate it with other metrics available in Analytics. You can even track several social interactions other than just Facebook while you’re at it (like Twitter, Google +1 and even AdSense). The major selling point is accessing all of this from a single tool. Continue reading How to track Facebook likes/unlikes in Google Analytics

AdSense not working in Analytics – reporting all zeros

For some time now I have used Google AdSense. For about the same amount of time I have used Google Analytics. You are supposed to be able to link the two accounts so that Google Analytics can show you your AdSense data and statistics in greater detail. I was able to get my AdSense and Analytics accounts to link, but Analytics would never actually track any AdSense data (i.e., it would always show all zeros). Continue reading AdSense not working in Analytics – reporting all zeros

Can’t Create AdSense Account – Email Address Already Used / Exists

I was recently cancelling my old Google AdSense account so that I could create a new one with the email address that I use for all of my other Google accounts. However, AdSense wouldn’t let me create the new account. When I would try to choose the option that “I have an email address and password (Google Account) I already use with Google services” and select to use my existing Google account for AdSense, it gives an error that my email address is already associated with an AdSense account. I had never created an AdSense account with this email address, so why was it saying this?

I had performed many searches trying to find the solution to this, but could not find any answers that worked for my situation. By fortunate chance, about a week later I fell upon the answer. Continue reading Can’t Create AdSense Account – Email Address Already Used / Exists

Using IMAP with GoDaddy email accounts

Setting up GoDaddy IMAP email

I really enjoy using GoDaddy for my domain and hosting provider. However, there has always been one aspect of their services that gets on my nerves: email. Let me count the ways:

  1. Their email services limit SMTP forwarding to 250 times per day (that is how many emails you can send each day.)
  2. Each mailbox only can store up to 10 MB, unless you pay extra.
  3. You cannot use IMAP with their accounts, only POP3 or the website-based email.

Fortunately, I found out today how overcome all of these problems in one felled swoop. To summarize the process, you use Google Apps instead of the GoDaddy email system. GoDaddy lets you set all the nitty-gritty details of your account settings, including how your email is handled. There is a nice tutorial how to do this here:

Or, if you don’t want to follow the instructions at the site above, then you just create a Google Apps account at , enter your domain name, go to the “Dashboard” page, click on the “Activate email” link, and follow the directions. Continue reading Using IMAP with GoDaddy email accounts