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First blog post

It is 8:38 pm (Arizona time) on 12 September, 2007. I have finally succumbed to creating a blog.

I have actually been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. I’m not very interested in the kinds of blogs written about taking Fifi to the vet or barber, or ones that have little practical value. In other words, I am hoping that my blog will be helpful to some people. More specifically, my goal is to have a tech reference for people who are looking for answers to techie questions.

You see, throughout the years I, like most people, occasionally come across golden nuggets of useful information. My discoveries are generally related to my current interests, jobs, or school courses. Hence, you will only find information about things that can fit in the categories listed at the right side of the screen. Yes, I realize this isn’t a very useful statement because I have a category called “Miscellaneous,” where anything in the word could be assigned to. However, I will keep my focus on all of the other categories.

If you have read this far in this fairly useless post, then you must be very bored or lonely. Go eat some jelly beans.