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Junkyard Generator – update

My group and I have finished our junkyard generator. Here is an overview of what we did (click on the images below to go to bigger versions of them):

The frame was initially made out of steel. Sherman did a good job with this (I will try to get a picture of it to put here.) We quickly discovered that the magnets in the generator had too much of an attraction to the frame and made spinning the axle very difficult. Chad then made the frame out of wood. Continue reading Junkyard Generator – update

Junkyard Generator

I am taking an electromagnetics course this semester, and our first project is getting into groups and making a human-powered generator that can light a bulb. It is actually a pretty fun project. We have to use “junk” that we find, and can spend no more than $10/person in the group. There are 5 people in our group, so I don’t think the money specification limits us very much. So far it looks like we will spend a total of $5 (for the entire group, not per person.)

Here are some interesting and useful tidbits we have learned so far: Continue reading Junkyard Generator