Portable kid’s height chart (Guest post)

Today’s blog post comes from my wife, Angela. She is good at crafts, and this particular project was done in the midst of a kitchen painting project. Her height charts turned out very good and so we thought it would be worth sharing in the "Home Projects" portion of this blog. Enjoy!

When we decided it was time to revamp our kitchen with a good old fashion paint job the hue was the least of our problems.
Our family height chart was marked on our wall. Oops. We were young, it was our first house, and we were new parents, and lacked foresight… and money. Those are our excuses for this brainless act. Forgive us.
Moving on from that experience though, we have amended our family height chart. It is now small, portable and will be a treasured keepsake to our sons for years to come. Everything you would want in a height chart.
We purchased some tape measures from Amazon. Then two days later (don’t your love Amazon Prime?) after they were punted to our doorstep (don’t you love the postal service?) we measured out each child’s height notches from our kitchen wall and transcribed them to their own


tape measures. Brilliant, right? I thought so, and so did my husband (hence the guest post).

We plan on giving our boys their tape measures when they are adults as a sweet token. We haven’t decided on the right moment yet, but here are some endearing ideas:

  • high school graduation
  • first holiday (such as Christmas) or first birthday away from home
  • college graduation
  • their wedding day
  • at the birth of their firstborn

How neat will it be for your child to be using this tape measure for their future projects?

 Answer: pretty dang neat.
For this project we used a good ol’ Sharpie Marker and ordered the Great Neck 21008 Essentials Keychain 6-foot Tape Measure
[ Children not included, you must provide your own.]

By the way, the hue we went with for the kitchen- porpoise.

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