Fix: “My Computer” window always opens during Windows startup

My Computer pops upFor the past few days whenever I have turned on my laptop, a "My Computer" window has popped up at startup once Windows has finished loading. There weren’t really any good answers online until I came across this page at, which suggested that Adobe CS6 might be the culprit (more specifically, the Adobe Bridge utility). Well, I had just installed CS6 at about the same time that this problem started occurring, and indeed it was the problem. Here is the more thorough description on how to fix it.

The Problem

Adobe has added a blank entry named "AdobeBridge" to the registry editor’s list of programs, which it tries to execute at startup. Since the entry is blank, it doesn’t know what to open and defaults to opening a "My Computer" window.

The Solution

There are two options to fix this problem. The first option is safer because you install some software that lets you remove the blank registry entry with the click of a button. The second option is more dangerous to perform since it involves manual intervention.

The easy, safe solution:

  1. Download and install Piriform’s software program called CCleaner (
  2. Once installed, run the program, go to "Tools" in the left-hand menu, select "Startup", and then click on the "Windows" tab (see picture below).
  3. In the table that it shows, click on the word "Publisher" in the table’s header row – this will sort the rows by their Publisher entry.
  4. After sorting, the entry for AdobeBridge will be near the top. Click on it.
  5. The tool won’t let you simply disable/ignore that entry, but it will let you delete it. After selecting the AdobeBridge entry, click the "Delete" button and then click "OK" when it asks if you are sure.

That’s all! Restart your computer to verify that the "My Computer" doesn’t pop up anymore.

CCleaner tool
How to fix the problem easily with the CCleaner program. Click image to enlarge.

The more difficult & dangerous solution:

If you really insist on following the second, more dangerous option… then here goes, but be forewarned that making mistakes in your registry can really mess up your computer:
Make a change in your registry. In your registry, go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and delete the blank "AdobeBridge" entry. I am being intentionally vague with this option, because you shouldn’t go into you registry editor and change anything unless you already understand what I’m talking about here.

How to fix the problem directly in the register (not recommended). Click image to enlarge.

6 thoughts on “Fix: “My Computer” window always opens during Windows startup”

  1. already tried all this things
    still not getting any solution how to stop opening my computer explorer window automatically during statup in lenovo z580.

    adobe is not helpful to this issue at all
    lenovo is ignoring saying there is no issue with laptop because error arrives only if i install adobe cs6 master collection which i have purchased.

  2. still not getting any solution for this issue
    i am using lenovo z580 with intel 3rd i7 and win 7 home premium 64 bit

    adobe is not helpful in this matter at all they are just taking troubleshooting steps by doing remote desktop and collecting files.
    and giving calls and doing msconfig but still issue is not solved.

    lenovo is ignoring this error they says there is no issue with laptop error arrives only if i install adobe cs6 master collection which i have purchased.

    1. viren,

      That’s interesting. My laptop is a Lenovo Y580, also 64-bit Win 7. Coincidence? Maybe.

      By the way, shortly after writing this blog post, I got an Adobe update and the problem came back, except that my original fix above didn’t work. I’ve mostly ignored the problem since then, since I almost never restart my computer anymore (mostly just put it to sleep). However, I think I might take another look at this since it is pretty annoying. Maybe it has something to do with the interaction between the Lenovo computer settings and the Adobe software, since we have that in common.

      Are you using the default Windows installation that came with the laptop, like I am?

  3. Thanks alot! This finally fixed it. I couldn’t figure out how to delete the autorun for Adobe Bridge. I saw it was there in the msinfo32 but it was not in msconfig or windows’ “autoruns” program.

    Worked for me and I have a Lenovo Y580 win7 x64 as well.

  4. my computer folder opens automatically i have tried all this like regedit and … Something in relation to opening up Windows Explorer or launching an … i try to open a file or folder in my laptop it is always asking for deleting

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