Adobe Acrobat Pro X / CS6 will not run – how to repair

fix_logoAfter about a year of running fine, my copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro X (part of the CS6 package) suddenly stopped working. It would not start. If I clicked on the icon in the start menu nothing would happen. I didn’t need the program right when the problem first arose, but after a week I needed it fixed so I did a search and found the solution at The solution is very simple, and I have summarized it below.

If you want some background info, keep reading, otherwise skip down to the list below to fix the problem. If you have worked much with all of the Adobe software, you have probably noticed how there seems to still be some sort of disconnect between how Acrobat is maintained when compared with the rest of their software. In this case, the licensing gets messed up somehow so that Acrobat thinks that it isn’t licensed anymore, even though the rest of the applications still work.

Make sure you have a copy of your serial number on hand before you start, you are basically going deactivate / disassociate your CS6 package from its serial number, then re-enter it. Here are the steps.

  1. Close all Adobe software on your computer.
  2. Open one of the main software applications from CS6 that isn’t Acrobat, like Flash.
  3. Click the “Help” menu, then select “Deactivate”.
  4. Close the application.

  5. Reopen the same application (e.g., Flash).
  6. When prompted, accept the EULA.
  7. When prompted, log in using your Adobe account credentials and select “Register the trial”.
  8. Close the application again after it loads.

  9. Reopen the same application again (e.g., Flash).
  10. When prompted, select the “License this Software” button.
  11. When prompted, log in with your Adobe account credentials again.
  12. Enter your CS6 serial number, and click “Next”.
  13. Close the application again.

  14. Reopen the same application again (e.g., Flash).
  15. Acrobat should now be fixed! Try running it.