Champion Energy Services – $50 coupon for new customers

lightbulb-smallNew customers get $50 off with referral ID: MThomson36073
Or you can use this direct referral code link:

The $50 credit is supposed to be valid for any of these states: Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas.

UPDATE: It looks like they have now permanently increased the bonus to $50!

It’s that easy! We are moving to Texas and found out about this referral program, Connect-A-Friend Program, offered through Champion Energy Services. In planning our move, I was surprised to find out how many different electric companies exist. Fortunately, Texas has a very useful website for comparing and choosing which service provider you want to use, called Power To Choose ( Using that, and looking online for reviews of the different companies, I came to the conclusion that Champion Energy was not only one of the cheapest, but also consistently rated as one of the best in Texas.

So then I also found out about the referral program and saved $25 immediately when I signed up. The referral program is even better now, it is $50! You also get additional $50 credits whenever you refer someone to Champion Energy and they become a customer. When I first started looking for referral IDs online that I could use, a lot of them didn’t work anymore, so part of the purpose of this post is to give you my referral ID (MThomson36073), which is currently working, so that you can get the initial $50 credit if you sign up with Champion. After you sign up, they give you your own referral ID for handing out to other people.

Feel free to leave your referral ID in the comments below for other new users, and we can all share this incentive.

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  1. KPope11638 will get you ‘s $25 off your first full month’s bill, just in time for summer bills too!

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