Google Project Fi – Referral code for new customers

phone-moneyNew customers get $20 credit on their Google Project Fi account with referral code:

Or you can use this direct referral code link:

When signing up for Google Fi, I learned about their $20 account credit referral program. You also get additional $20 credits whenever you refer someone to Google Fi. My referral code (ACH724) is currently working. After you sign up, they give you your own referral code for handing out to other people. Important: the $20 account credit takes effect after the new customer’s account has been active for 30 days.

Feel free to leave your referral code in the comments below for other new users, and we can all share this incentive.

107 thoughts on “Google Project Fi – Referral code for new customers”

    1. Sorry to hear that. The code appears to be working from my end. But I don’t see you in my referrals. I can only guess that maybe the code was copied wrong or maybe a large amount of time passed before completing your transaction making the page session expire?

      Or maybe it hasn’t shown up yet because 30 days of active service haven’t passed yet (but you still should have seen that the referral worked in this case). Please let me know if you find out more info!

    2. I am a student, please use my referral code: NTD6KT, we both can get $ 20 Off
      It is a lot to me 🙂
      Thank You.

    3. My $20 off code still works: or 66Y00K.

      I like the free visual voice mail, that spam callers are ID’d as such, and the great customer service (had an issue with my phone and received a replacement within 2 days with FedEx delivery.)

  1. Hi! I just signed up for Project Fi and I used your referral code. It seemed to have accepted it. We’ll see how things look after we have had 30 days of active service. That timeline will be about mid-March. Our phones will not be delivered until early-mid February. Thanks for the referral code!

  2. Project Fi $20 Discount code: 2FR4X9
    Use this and it’ll save you (and me both) $20 each!
    *Apparently only usable for the first 10 referrals.

  3. This Project Fi referral program is fantastic. It works great with just one click. Feel free to use the code below for a $20 discount from your second bill:

    Thank you in advance and… welcome to the Project Fi family!

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