Google Project Fi – Referral code for new customers

phone-moneyNew customers get $20 credit on their Google Project Fi account with referral code:

Or you can use this direct referral code link:

When signing up for Google Fi, I learned about their $20 account credit referral program. You also get additional $20 credits whenever you refer someone to Google Fi. My referral code (ACH724) is currently working. After you sign up, they give you your own referral code for handing out to other people. Important: the $20 account credit takes effect after the new customer’s account has been active for 30 days.

Feel free to leave your referral code in the comments below for other new users, and we can all share this incentive.

107 thoughts on “Google Project Fi – Referral code for new customers”

  1. I just activated my Fi service. I would greatly appreciate it if you would use my code.

    Code: OW25PV

    Praise Jesus.


  2. Here’s a working referral code to get your $20: 0KK5CC
    Or click this link instead:

    We’ve been thrilled with ProjectFi since switching from AT&T about 6 months ago. We use the same amount of data as before, but our bill has been cut in half. Just FYI, our taxes and fees each month are $7.95, if you’re trying to figure out what your new bill will be.

    Thanks for using my code! 🙂

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