Origami Koi Fish

The most recent origami from Lang’s book Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art that I have folded is the koi fish. It was fun to make. It looks complicated, but it isn’t. Lang does show how to make scales, which you can implement on the koi. However, this makes it much more complex and time-consuming, so I started with just the non-scaled koi.

I might try to make some scales on a plain piece of paper, just to learn how to do them. If they are easy enough, then I might try folding a new koi with scales.

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koi fish thumbnail

11 thoughts on “Origami Koi Fish”

  1. I would recommend going to the library and checking out a copy of Robert Lang’s book “Origami Design Secrets.” He has very good instructions. That is what I used to make the fish in this blog entry.

  2. Thanks Quincy. I haven’t yet tried to fold scales, but Robert Lang’s book “Origami Design Secrets” shows really well how to do it. I plan to fold scales how Lang’s book shows, but lately I have spending most of my time either at work or with my wife and 10-month old son. I would recommend going to your local library and reserving Lang’s book. It is very detailed.

  3. I’ve been attempting to do a more complicated Koi for a few days. My husband purchased me the text suggested and I was able to follow the excellent instructions! So excited!

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