Open source apps rock! (but they keep me from doing my school homework)

No, I didn’t create this blog application on my own. Yes, I created all the rest of my website on my own.

I have always felt empowered knowing that I can build my website and make it do whatever I want. Unfortunately, I do not have very much free time right now. Open source applications can help. This blog is powered by WordPress. I had heard about WordPress before and thought, “So what, it’s just a blogging app.” But oh, oh, oh! It has saved me loads of time. In about three hours’ time, I clicked the WordPress “Install Now!” button in my GoDaddy account manager, manually changed the default theme so that it would match my website, and made a few posts.

What really impressed me with WordPress was that the application seemed to be designed with the assumption that whoever used it would want to make their own custom theme and start blogging right away. Granted, you must know some PHP and CSS beforehand if you want to get things customized immediately, but otherwise everything was a snap. I definitely recommend WordPress. (No I’m not getting any perks from WordPress for giving them a good review.)

The only negative things I have to say about WordPress is in regards to the admin pages. Many of the menu buttons at the top of the admin pages that take you to different areas are very poorly named or are very vague. I often found myself trying to find some function that should be included in an application like this, only to find it later after I had already given up the search. The best example of this is the “Presentation” button that has the widgets, themes, and colors options. It kind of makes sense now, but it was not intuitive from the get-go.

Let me just say that I am getting to the point in my life where I can be self sufficient, but my time is usually worth more than the feeling of accomplishment gained by programming my own Blog application.

Even though I just began using WordPress 3 hours ago, I already feel like an expert. If you have any questions about the WordPress or the process I went through, drop me a line.

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