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Champion Energy Services – $50 coupon for new customers

lightbulb-smallNew customers get $50 off with referral ID: MThomson36073
Or you can use this direct referral code link: http://www.championenergyservices.com/programs/referral-program/CAF.asp?referralID=MThomson36073

The $50 credit is supposed to be valid for any of these states: Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas.

UPDATE: It looks like they have now permanently increased the bonus to $50!

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Installing attic insulation

How do you install insulation in your attic? It is actually quite easy – and it will keep your home more comfortable all year round and will save you a lot of money. Last year’s winter here in New England was much colder than normal – enough to tack on an additional $1,000 to our heating bill. So I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and add some more insulation to our attic. For my house, I figure it should pay for itself after two years (or sooner if we have terrible winters or summers ahead). There are a few things to consider when installing your own attic insulation. Continue reading Installing attic insulation