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Final Freqency Synthesizer Design

Unfortunately, I never had the extra time needed to post the progress of the frequency synthesizer school project. However, you can view all the info pertaining to the project at the website I created for the project:
mike-thomson.com/school/Wulfsberg/. (Alternatively you can try to find it posted somewhere at http://www.cefns.nau.edu/Research/D4P/, but they are always changing the address of our project’s page.)

Frequency Synthesizer

The Electrical Engineering Department at Northern Arizona University (NAU, where I am a student) provides a senior level capstone design course for students. The senior students are grouped into teams and work with sponsors to complete an advanced engineering project. Our senior capstone design team is working with our sponsor, Wulfsberg Electronics, and we will be designing and implementing a frequency synthesizer for them. Wulfsberg Electronics is designing a new communication radio product that will utilize newer and smaller parts than those currently being used, and our project will be a part of their new product. Continue reading Frequency Synthesizer

Senior Capstone Project – Frequency Synthesizer

It looks like our capstone project will be changing. Instead of doing the Assistive Technology project, we will be designing a frequency synthesizer for someone’s project at Wulfsberg Electronics in Prescott, AZ. It looks like it will be a very complex project, and may include some of the following:

  • Designing a VCO.
  • Update an existing PLL chip to with step sizes that are selectable for 8.33 kHz, 12.5 kHz, and 25 kHz steps.
  • Design the control loop filter for the PLL.
  • Design / select a buffer amplifier.
  • Layout the PCB for the design.
  • Testing for all of the above.

We probably won’t do all of the items listed above, but the project will be challenging and fun! I will update this post from time to time.

View this web page for more info on this project: mike-thomson.com/school/Wulfsberg/