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How to track Facebook likes/unlikes in Google Analytics

It is nice to be able to track various statistics for your website using Google Analytics. It really helps you understand what pages web traffic tend to visit, how they get there, etc. Another nicety is to track social media responses (e.g., Facebook like button clicks) to your pages. You technically can track Facebook like button clicks using the the Facebook Insights tool (http://www.facebook.com/insights/), but it really is very limited and I have found it to be buggy. I prefer to use Google Analytics to track these social media responses because you much more easily see what pages received the responses, how many responses, and correlate it with other metrics available in Analytics. You can even track several social interactions other than just Facebook while you’re at it (like Twitter, Google +1 and even AdSense). The major selling point is accessing all of this from a single tool. Continue reading How to track Facebook likes/unlikes in Google Analytics