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How to change engine oil – 2001 Toyota 4Runner

Changing oil and filterRather than go to a mechanic to get oil changes for my cars, I always do it myself. It is faster, cheaper, and I can ensure that I get better quality oil this way. Since I just changed my 2001 Toyota 4Runner’s oil last week, I figured I might as well take some pictures and blog about it here since there can be some tricky things with changing the 4Runner’s oil. In fact, the first time I changed the 4Runner’s oil after I bought it I almost resolved to never again do the 4Runner’s oil change myself – simply because I could not get access to the oil filter! Well, now I know better and can give some tips here about doing it yourself. After doing it a few times, you will be very quick at it (this takes me about 20 minutes now), and you don’t have to wait around at your local lube shop! Continue reading How to change engine oil – 2001 Toyota 4Runner